Crossfit Epically Awesome – CrossFit Epically Awesome


30 Seconds

Active Spidermans [Click Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2P3YXRyAaE)

Medicine Ball Deadlifts

Push-up to Down Dog [Click Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPhA5b-P34Y)

Medicine Ball Push Press

Inchworm to Push-up [Click Here](https://youtu.be/Et0WRT6Q3sA)

Medicine Ball Slams

Partner Game / Mobility

1. **Fish Game: 2 Minutes Each Partner**

The Fish Game is a game on the Concept 2 Erg that lasts 4 minutes total. The goal of the Fish Game is to eat the small fish and striped fish while avoiding getting eaten by the large predators. Increasing intensity will move you up the screen while decreasing intensity will move you down. *While one partner is rowing for two minutes, the other can complete 1 minute of Pigeon Pose + Lat Reach on each side (See Mobility For Video).*

2. **Partner Medicine Ball Twists: 1 Minute Each Side**

[Click Here](https://youtu.be/BuFB8LZNOys) For Video Demo

Lesson of the day


Distance Away From Wall

The set-up distance away from the wall or target is important in the quality of the throw. If we are too close, we have to stay very upright and are likely to be forward on the toes. If we are too far away, its a far throw and the ball is likely to pull us forward on the way down. A good place to start is an arm distance away, but it will be athlete specific. Athletes can mark their ideal distance if it helps with tape or chalk so they know exactly where to set up the toes when you get back to the wall each time.


Distance Away From Body

There are two different methods of kettlebell swings. The first is the tradition swing method, where the arms are straight the whole time and the bell moves in an arcing motion away from the body. This method allows athletes to preserve the arms, but can be slower than the next method. The second method is the snatch method, where athlete bend their arms to keep the weight closer to the body. This method is faster, as the weight doesn’t have to travel as far, but can be more taxing on the arms. When moving fast in a team workout, the snatch method can be helpful in speeding up cycle time. One thing to consider with the snatch method is that the bend only happens after the hips extend, just like on a barbell snatch.


Distance In

The distance or length of the stroke is good, but there is a limit. We only want to come so far in that we’re able to maintain good points of performance. The main things we want to make sure stay intact are: 1. Heels Down 2. Good Posture

Wreck Bag Over Shoulder

Distance Away From Bag

We want to set up centered over the bag. If the bag is too far forward, we risk rounding the back excessively in the pull off the floor. If our feet are centered in the set-up and our hands are centered when holding the bag, we have found the proper distance.

WOD and strategy

“BFF” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 2


50 Wallballs (20/14)

40 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

30/24 Calorie Row

20 Wreck Bag Over Shoulder (70/50)

* One athlete works at a time in this partner workout

* Athletes are free to split reps however they see fit

* It is ok for teammates to use different weights on any of the movements


* Choose weighs here that you can complete 10-15 reps at a time during the workout


* This is a fairly quick transition, since you could literally catch the ball out of mid-air in the transition

* One option that gets the work done in two sets each is 15-15-10-10

Kettlebell Swings

* This can be a slightly longer transition, as you have to place the bell down between reps

* If you’re able to hang on for larger sets, 20-20 would be the quickest option

* If you want to go with less reps, 10-10-10-10 is a no-brainer


* This movement starts with the bag on the ground and finishes with a clean up and over the shoulder

* [Click Here](https://youtu.be/AEOmyIafb7c) to see a demo of the movements

* This should be a moderately heavy weight, but one that athletes can move through at least 5 quick reps at a time during the workout

* If unable to use a Wreck Bag, complete one of the following:

* 200 Meter Sled Push or Drag

* 20 Deadlifts (225/155)


* If short on rowers, stagger second heat by 2-3 minutes

* For teams of 1 guy and 1 girl, complete 27 calories on the rower

* It take a good bit to get in and out of the rower, so let’s aim for 1 set each here

* Guys can go 15-15 and girls can go 12-12


[Click Here](https://youtu.be/rNRZe5TA6TQ)


Lacrosse Ball Rolling

1 Min Each:

Deltoid/Shoulder (Front/Side/Rear)

Upper Back

Foam Rolling

1 Min Each:

Lower Back




WOD and strategy

“After Party”

Metcon (No Measure)

Capacity Builder

On the Minute x 10:

8 Barbell-Facing Burpees

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