“Road Trip”


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Crossfit Epically Awesome – CrossFit Epically Awesome


Team Relay:


15 Plate Hops [Click Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zSECvHUxcU)

25′ Plate Overhead Walking Lunge (Out)

5 Burpees to Plate

25′ Plate Overhead Walking Lunge (Back)

*Divide athletes in teams of 2-3, with one athlete working at a time. Men use one 15# plate and Women use one 10# plate.*

Lesson of the day


Elbows & Hands

The elbows are the main focus off all three movements today. On the kettlebell swing, let’s think about gluing to the rib cage. On the way up, we want the elbows glued to the rib cage until the hips fully open. This allows athletes to get the most out of the lower half, which is the main driver. As far as timing goes on the way down, let’s wait to send the hips back until the elbows reconnect to the rib cage. This good timing in each direction leads to more efficient and powerful swings.

As far as the hands go, we want a secure grip on the handle without overdoing it. Holding onto handles on the kettlebell and rope, it has to potential to be a grippy workout if we’re death gripping both objects. ***See the daily video for a visual of today’s teaching points.***


Elbows & Hands

On the jump rope, let’s focus on keeping the elbows behind the torso. Sending the elbows *back* places the hands right where we want them – in front of the pockets. One thing to avoid here is letting the hands or the elbows get outside shoulder width. It shortens the rope and is more taxing on the shoulders. The final thing on the hands is making sure the hands are loose and relaxed. If we have a super tight grip on the handle, we can’t rotate from the wrist and have to do so from the shoulders. We’ll practice by making small circles with the hands in front of the pockets during movement prep.

Movement Subs

Reduce Reps

60 Single Unders

1 Minute of Practice


Elbows & Hands

The run is our break from holding onto things, so we want to make sure the upper body stays relaxed here. Just like on the double unders, send the elbows back during the arm swing while keeping the hands relaxed. The two things we cant think here are:

1. The arm swing goes from “nips to hips”

2. Pretend like you are gently holding potato chips

WOD and strategy

“Road Trip” (Time)

5 Rounds:

15 Kettlebell Swing (70/53)

400 Meter Run

40 Double Unders

* Try to bite off big chunks on the double unders and kettlebell swings, as that is the only place you’d stop moving

* If you are comfortable with going unbroken on each of these stations, think about bringing up the run pace a little bit

* As far as overall round pacing, think of approaching the 5 rounds as follows:

Rounds 1-2: Put a regulator on yourself by coming out slower than you want to – allowing you to maintain speed later on

Rounds 3-4: These are the rounds we want to hold onto our round splits from the first 2 rounds or even slightly improve upon them

Round 5: Finish strong, looking to make this your best round of all 5


* Let’s go a little bit heavier with the kettlebell swing today

* This should be a weight that you can complete within 2 sets each round


* Choose a variation on the rope that allows you to complete the alloted reps in under 1 minute


* If unable to run, complete one of the following:

* 28/20 Calorie Assault Bike

* 500 Meter Row


[Click Here](https://youtu.be/bgYwAQiidTU)


Kettlebell Lat Smash

[Click Here](https://youtu.be/CNsfOtz9_4s)

Kettlebell Pec Smash

[Click Here](https://youtu.be/W0ioKO0dDgw)

Kettlebell Calf Smash

[Click Here](https://youtu.be/vQjwK8D2OM0)

Foam Rolling

Lower Back



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